I.                   Historical Perspective


To respond to the diversified teachers training trend and to expand our school・s student employment opportunity, the Center of Teacher Education was established in the 89 academic year, a class of students was recruited and trained each year as vocational school teacher for the department of Food Processing, Food and Nutrition,

Child Care & Education, Restaurant & Hotel Management, Cosmetics & Styling, English teacher for junior high school, and Health and Nursing teacher for senior high school.

Because the Child Care & Education Department in our school is very famous in central region of Taiwan, in the 90 academic year, the kindergarten teacher education program was established.  Two classes of students were accepted each year.  The Center of Teacher Education At Huang-Kuang University becomes the cradle for preschool and middle school teachers.

As the birth rate decreases and demand for teacher diminishes in Taiwan, the Center for Teacher Education decided to close the vocational teacher certificate program in the academic year of 95, so that the kindergarten teacher certificate program has became the focus of the center.


II.                Center Philosophy and Characteristics


First, in order to cultivate excellent and competitive teachers with educational specialty, the center・s primary goal is to strengthen the curriculum and improve the quality

of teaching.

        To extend the :focus on the whole human and respect life; educational philosophy of Hung-Kuang University, the center will foster students・ humanistic spirit by implementing moral education.  The students are expected to contribute to the society by serving other people.  Students with high moral standards will exceed in self-reflection and self-discipline and be able to adjust their behaviors.  Moreover, an action play will be devised based on the self reflection.  Therefore, the students will be characterized with the attribute of caring, self-reflection and enthusiasm.

        Furthermore, Hung-Kuang intends to prepare students who will be theory- as well as skill-oriented.  Hence, it is our center・s mission to provide students learning opportunities to bridge teaching theory and practice.  Because self-reflection plays a significant role to become a good teacher, the development of the ability of self-reflection and improvement of students・ professional expertise are the center・s educational philosophy.